Healing Effects of Shabad
Organized A-Z by Shabad Name

 The following information is based on the idea that an enlightened person's divine consciousness, expressed in words, can be spoken by any other person to uplift their own consciousness.  


Aagai Paachhai Kusal Bha-i-aa - pg. 829 To learn to live in gratitude

Aankaa-e Raatari-aa - pg. 546 To bring comfort at the time of death  of loved ones

Aap Sahaa-ee Ho-aa - pg. 628 Your enemies shall melt like ice cream under the heat of the sun

Aapeh Mel La-e - pg. 829 To rid one of ego & bring humility and self-identity

Ab Raakhaho Daas Bhaat Kee Laaj - pg. 1400 To keep you in God's Realm of Protection

Aisee Kirpaa Mo-eh Karaho - pg. 828 To take away duality and negative ego

Aisee Laal Tujh Brin Kaun Karai - pg. 1106 To build highest self-esteem

Apune Har Peh Binatee Keheeai - pg. 531 To dispel loneliness

Araraavai Bilalaavai Nindak - pg. 373 To bring insight into the karma of slanderers

Bhalee Suhaavee Chhaaparee - pg. 745 To develop strength and fulfillment from accepting the Will of God

Bhandh Jamee-ai Bhandh Nimee-ai - pg. 473 To develop reverence and sacredness in relationships with women, & take away mother phobia and anger

Chatr Chakr Vartee - (from last pauri of Jaap Saahib) To remove fear, anxiety, depression, & phobias, & bring victory

Chita Aavai Os Paarbrahm (Saahib Nitaanee-aa Kaa Taan) -    pg. 70-71 To build the protective shield for complete protection

Darshan Maagao Dahe  Pi-aare - pg. 386 To bring self-identity, honor, and distinction

Deh Shivaa Bar Mo-eh Ihai - (from Chandhee Charit) To bring courage and victory

Dhan Dhan Raam Daas Gur - pg. 968 To create miracles & make the impossible become possible

Disht Bikaaree Bandhan Baadhai - pg. 1329-30 To bring inner purification and divine presence

Dithai Sabhe Thaav - pg. 1362 To bring countless blessings

Dookh Rog Bha-e Gat Tan Te - pg. 373 To promote peace of mind

Dukh Bhanjan Teraa Naam - pg. 218 To take away physical and mental pain andsufferings

Ek Tek Govind Kee - pg. 812 To regain health

Gagan Mai Thaal - pg. 663To receive God's blessings and material virtues

Gareebaa Upar Jee Khinjai Daaree - pg. 199To dissolve animosity

Ghar Mandar Hatanaale Sohe - pg. 783To create sanctity in the home

Ghat Avaghat Bhoogar Ghanaa - pg. 345To prepare for the new undertakings

Gur Kaa Shabad Ridey Meh Cheenaa - pg. 804To promote excellence

Gur Kai Gri-eh Sevak Jo Rehai - pg. 286 To bring victory through selfless service

Gur Parmesar Karnaihaar - pg. 741To take away all physical sicknesses, take away selfishness, & build qualities of devotion

Gur Pooraa Aaraadhi-aa - pg. 819 To bring clarity of mind

Gur Poorai Meree Raakh La-ee - pg. 823To absolve you of your past guilts

Gur Satigur Kaa Jo Sikh Akhaa-e - pg. 305-6To bring the experience of realization through Sadhana & take away neuroses

Gurmukh Nimaanaa Ho-o - pg. 441To build humility and remove negativity from one's character

Ham Dhanavant Bhaagath Sach Naa-i - pg. 185-6To bring wealth and prosperity

Hamaree Ganat Na Ganee-aa Kaa-ee - pg. 619-20To bring self-realization and protection

Har Bhagataa Har Dhan Raas Hai - pg. 28-9To bring business prosperity

Har Bolo (Gursikh Har Bolo) - pg. 165 To take away all sins and guilt

Har Har Har Aadaadhee-ai Ho-ee-ai Aarog - pg. 817 To overcome sicknesses and separations

Har Jape Har Mandar Saaji-aa - pg. 781 To bring sacredness to your surroundings

Har Jee Maataa Har Jee Pitaa - pg. 1101-2 To build relationships & take away mother/father phobias

Har Jee-o - pg. 619 To get rid of all sicknesses & cure all illnesses

Har Simrat Teree Jaa-i Balaa-i - pg. 193 To bring Mastery of Self

Hukamee Varsan Laage Mehaa - pg. 108 To bring abundance

Ik Ardaas - pg. 1406 To build a meditative and prayerful mind

Ik Pachhaanoo Jee-a Kaa - pg. 45 To take away children's fears

Ik Til Pi-aaraa Veesarai - pg. 21-22 To bring union from separation

Jaa Kai Hirdai Vasi-aa Too Karte - pg. 610 To bring fulfillment of every desire

Jaa Kau Chintaa Bahut Bahut - pg. 70 To take away frustration and cool the heat of worry, & to bring the experience of the realization of life

Jaa Kau Muskal At Banai - pg. 70 To bring protection in times of difficulty

Jaa Kau Tum Bha-e Samarath Angaa - pg. 199 To bring victory in legal cases

Jaa Too Merai Val Hai - pg. 1096 To bring prosperity and wealth; to bring security and alleviate fear

Jai Jai Jag Kaaran ~ To bring courage and excellence

Jan Kee Paij Savaaree Aap - pg. 500 To bring freedom from agony and pain

Janam Janam Ke Dookh Nivaarai (Meraa Baid Guroo Govindaa) - pg. 618 To Create Healing energy

Jap Man Satinaam, Sadaa Satinaam - pg. 669-70 To bring prosperity and fulfill all desires

Je Ko Hovai Dubalaa - pg. 70 To enable one to go beyond circumstance

Jee-a Jant Suprasan Bha-e - pg. 816 To bring relief from debts

Jee-a Re Olhaa Naam Kaa - pg. 211 To take away the fear of death

Jin Kai Antar Vasi-aa Meraa Har Har - pg. 735 To resolve ego problems

Jis Daa Sahib Daadhaa Ho-i - pg. 842 To keep you in God's Realm o Protection & build secure environments

Jis Ke Sir Oopar Too(n) Su-aamee - pg. 749-50 For total protection

Jit Ghar Pir Sohaag Banaa-i-aa - pg. 97-98 To bring domestic harmony

Jithai Naam Japee-ai Prabh Pi-aare - pg. 105 To create coziness in the home

Jo Maangeh Thakur - pg. 681-2 To bring fulfillment of every wish

Kaahe Re Man Chitveh Udam - pg. 495 To bring wealth and prosperity

Kaal Kales Gur Shabad Nivaare - pg. 191 To eliminate conflicts & build peaceful environments

Kal Kales Mite Har Naa-i - pg. 865 To resolve animosity and bring peace to the frustrated mind

Kar Dhar Mastak Thaapi-aa - pg. 817 To bring realization of one's destiny

Kar Ishnaan Simar Prabh Apanaa - pg. 611 To cure sickness

Kar Kirpaa Sukh Anand Kare-i - pg. 866 To remove mental blocks & bring happiness from suffering

Karte Kudratee Mustaak - pg. 724 To take away the fear of death

Ki-aa Gun Tere Saar Samaalee - pg. 738 To bring wealth and prosperity

Kisahee Dharaa Kee-aa - pg. 366 The shield of protection

Ko-ee Aan Milaavai Mera Preetham Piare - pg. 757-8 To build intimacy in relationships, create longing to belong, & bring reunion of separated ones

Kot Kotee Meree Aarjaa - pg. 14-15 To bring longevity

Maat Garabh Meh Haath De Rakhi-aa  - pg. 805 For protection

Maathai Tritukee Drisht Karoor - pg. 394 To bring harmony to marriage

Mahaa Agan Te Tudh Haath De Raakhe - pg. 748 To bring total protection, take away all unloved memories, & build confidence

Mahaa Tapat Te Bha-ee - pg. 813 To conquer superstitious fears

Mangal Saaj Bha-i-aa - pg. 845 To summon the soul-mate

Meeho Pa-i-a Parmesar Paa-i-aa - pg. 105-6 To take away suffering and bring fulfillment 

Meet Hamaare Sajanaa - pg. 818 To bring protection from slanderers

Meethee Aagi-aa Pir Kee Laagee - pg.394 To bring trust in relationships

Mehjar Jhoothaa Keeton Aap - pg. 199 To take away the fear of death

Meraa Satigur Rakhavaalaa Ho-aa - pg. 620-1 To build the shield of protection around you & bring confirmation of inner faith

Miharvaan Saahib Miharvaan - pg. 724 To take away insecurities

Mil Satigur Sabh Dukh Ga-i-aa - pg. 46 To bring radiance through clarity of mind

Mirtak Kaur Paa-i-o Tan Saasaa - pg. 614 To unite the power of earth and ether within

Moo Lalan Si-o Preet Banee - pg. 827 To build unwavering devotion in any relationship

Netr Pragaas Kee-aa Gurdev - pg. 200 To ward off illness

Nidh Sidh Ridh Har Har Har Merai - pg. 101 To bring wealth and prosperity

Nindak Aise Hee Jhar Paree-ai - pg. 823 To bring protection from slander

Nrip Kanni-aa Ke Kaaranai - pg. 858 To help one win the heart of the Beloved

Oothat Sukhee-aa Baithat Sukhee-aa - pg. 1136 To bring peace and contentment

Panch Parvaan Panch Pardhaan - pg. 3 To bring victory in law cases

Parmesar Ditaa Bannaa - pg. 628 To bring happiness

Paykavarai Dhan Kharee I-aanee - pg. 357 To enhance one's marital commitments

Pehilai Pi-aar Lagaa Than Dudh - pg. 137-8 To bring realization and release from worldly attachments

Pingul Parbat Paar Pare - pg. 809-10 To bring victory over insurmountable odds

Prabh Joo To Ke Laaj Hamaaree - pg. 940 To bring any wish to fulfillment

Prabh Keejai Kirpaa Nidhaan - pg. 1321 To unite loved ones who are separated

Prathame Mataa Jee Patree Chalaavau - pg. 371-2 To bring victory in law suits

Putaa Maataa Kee Aasees - pg. 496 The mother's prayer for her child to have a saintly and long life

Raaj Jog Takhat Dee-an Gur Raam Daas - pg. 1399 To give the majesty of self and grace of surroundings

Raakh Lee-e Satigur Kee Saran - pg. 827 To achieve fearlessness

Raakhaho Apanee Saran Prabh - pg. 809 To receive one's material inheritance

Raam Daas Sarovar Naate - pg. 625-6 To clear one of karma and cleanse the consciousness

Rakhe Rakhanahaar - pg. 517 For complete protection

Rog Mitaa-i-aa Aap Prabh - pg. 819 To take away all sicknesses

Rogan Te Ar Sogan Te - pg. 75 To take away sufferings and protect you everywhere

Saach Naam Meraa Man Laagaa - pg. 384-5 To bring the realization of Infinity and take away duality

Sabhe Sukh Bha-e Prabh Tuthe - pg. 106 To achieve happiness

Sagal Manorath Paa-ee-a-eh Meetaa - pg. 805 To attune the mind with the Guru

Samarath Guroo Sir Hath Dhari-a-o - pg. 1400 To bring protection from slander

Santaa Ke Kaaraj Aap Khalo-i-aa - pg. 783 To bring realization to live in gratitude

Sant-ho Raam Daas Sarovar Neekaa - pg. 623 To extend the power of one's meditation and gain clarity and power to see the unseen

Sant-ho Raam Naam Nistaree-ai - pg. 621-2 For Joy and acceptance, removing bad karmas

Satigur Kar Deene Asthir Ghar Baar - pg. 807 To call upon the Divine Protection for the devotee and for the devotee's family, property, children, health, wealth, etc

Satigur Saachai Dee-aa Bhej - pg. 396 Shabad chanted by pregnant ladies to bring a saint

Simar Simar Prabh Aapanaa - pg. 818 To bring fulfillment of higher yearnings and tach the value of living in group consciousness

Sir Mastak Rakhaa Paarbrahm - pg. 1358 To bring total protection

Sooke Hare Kee-e Khin Mahe - pg. 191 To bring prosperity and abundance

Sulhee Te Naaraa-in Raakh - pg. 825 To destroy enemies

Taap Lahi-aa Gur Sirjanahaar - pg. 821 To preserve one's honor

Taap Santaap Sagale Ga-e - pg. 807 To alleviate pain and establish union with God

Taatee Vaa-o Na Laga-ee - pg. 519 To bring protection & eliminate insecurities

Tau Mai Aa-i-aa - pg. 746 To build confidence from insecurities & invoke the experience of consciousness

Thir Ghar Baisaho Harijan Pi-aare - pg. 201 To bring victory and success in all pursuits

Too Meraa Sakhaa Too Hee Meraa Meet - pg. 181 To build relationships and take away personality conflicts, & to accept the will of God and regain honor

Too(n) Meraa Pitaa Too(n) Hai Meraa Maataa - pg. 103 To bring protection in desperate situations & take away father/mother phobias

Too(n) Mero Mer Parbat Su-aamee - pg. 969 To overcome short-comings and achieve Divine Union

Tudh Bin Doojaa Naahee Ko-i - pg. 723 To realize the magnificence of God and receive honor

Tumaree Kirpaa Te Japee-ai Naa-o - pg. 192 To keep you contented at all times

Ustat Ninda Naanak Jee - pg. 963 To bring intimacy in relationships

Vanaj Karaho Vanajaariho - pg. 22-3 To bring business prosperity

Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Wahe jio (shabad) - pg. 1402 To purify the ego and give self-esteem