Adi Shakti Namo Namo

Aadi Shakti, Aadi Shakti, Aadi Shakti, Namo Namo

Sarab Shakti, Sarab Shakti, Sarab Shakti, Namo Namo

Pritham Bhagwati, Pritham Bhagwati, Pritham Bhagwati, Namo Namo

Kundalini Maataa Shakti, Maataa Shakti, Namo Namo 

I bow to the Primordial Feminine Power

I bow to the All Encompassing Feminine Power

I bow to that which God creates

I bow to the Creative Power of the Kundalini, the Divine Mother Power

*Meaning taken from the Awakening Consciousness chapter of 'Aquarian Teacher, Level I'

How to do it:

Repetitions:  Recite this mantra eleven or one hundred and eight times per day to activate the sacred meaning into every-day life. 

How Many Days:  This can be done for forty, ninety, one hundred & twenty, or one thousand days to create a habit and finally more permanently resonate this vibration into our being...

Why do it:

This 'Mantra', meaning churning of the mind, works deeply on the conscious and subconscious mind to awaken reverence for all aspects of the Divine Feminine.  'Namo' means to bow in reverence.  Doing this mantra brings humility and honoring of the greatness and virtue of the Divine Feminine within all.

"You have to train yourself each day into the mystery of your unknown, Adi Shakti, your symbol. It means you are Infinity; you are the primal power." -7/5/78 SSS Yogi Ji